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About Us

Our team at EDS consists of talented and experienced engineers that have extensive mechanical design knowledge.
Our speciality is lifting equipment. If you are thinking something heavy, robust, complex and/or simply elegant, chances are that we have done it before.

In this office, we take accountability for quality, we deliver the client’s needs, and we supply innovative and consistent solutions. That’s pretty much what engineering is all about, right?


Engineering Solutions

This is a flexible concept for us. Maybe just a quick chat over the phone will solve your problem. Probably it will be associated with checking, discrete and mathematical analysis. Certainly, reliability is the end keyword.


All types of Fabrication and Machining, Assemblies and Installation drawings will be produced by EDS’s drafting team. Models, motion animation and renderings too! It can be done within our office in Perth, or remotely, if you need in-house design services.

Product Development

Simple or complex, easy or hard. Mission given is mission accomplished. EDS can provide innovative solutions and transform preliminary ideas into reality with both feet on the ground. Always going though careful research and in compliance with the Australian & European Standards.



Perth Arena Roof Design

If you live in Perth, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this one. The Perth Arena moving roof’s final design was made in this very office.

When the moving roof was initially designed by consulting engineers, the bogies to support and move the roof panels were GIGANTIC…

Our Team set out to re-design the bogies using an innovative method of ensuring stiffness of the structure and constant contact of all wheels at all times as well as smooth sliding bearings to accommodate the inevitable skewing of the roof structure and the expansion and contraction due to temperature changes: the result is a set of bogies half the weight and much more compact than the ones in the original design and with an astonishingly smooth-operating roof without jerking or noise, including three levels of guidance for security of operation. The roof takes just over 7 minutes to open or close. Faster than Melbourne Arena which takes 25 minutes.


Our Team has developed and designed many winches of all imaginable sizes, capacities and speeds to cover most applications in all types of mining applications dotted across Australia, like this one in the pictures.

This is a 2 x 25t rope pull designed for BHP.


In fact, these pictures don’t give a full idea of the types of cranes we are used to design. But this section would be too big if we posted:

– Over Head cranes

– Gantry cranes

– Luffing cranes

– Slewing Jib cranes

– Port, Shipyard and container handling cranes

– Cranes for explosion proof environments

– Cranes for Arctic conditions

The picture is featuring a Portal Crane we designed, with capacity of 500t.


Something you don’t find around the corner is an office experienced with gears and gearboxes designs. Here at EDS we have designed and manufactured several custom gearboxes in the past for many applications. 

From a simple geared drums or wheels to complete gearboxes with clutch, gear change, synchronised system and everything in between, are part of our scope/history.


This is an example of a very common job for us. It’s been hundreds of hoists of all types and applications. 

Trains Lifting

We have been called upon many times over to design cutting-edge lifting and maintenance equipment for railway infrastructure:

The Underfloor Lifting Systems displayed were made for servicing and exchanging of bogies, including all peripherals associated with the operation. Note that the turntables were also included in some of the projects, allowing to invert the direction of locomotives, with capacities of 145 metric tonnes


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13 Donovan Street, Osbourne Park , WA – Australia

Pio Tinari
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